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Speech Therapist Montreal
Msc(A), S-LP(C)

Hey There! I’m Stephanie L. Finkelstein, proud owner of Speech Language Fun. I’m a fully certified speech-language pathologist (SLP) with more than 15 years of experience working with kids and adults to improve their communication.

Born and raised in Montreal, I always had a passion for learning languages, telling stories, performing on stage, helping people, and…talking! I work with families in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish, and sometimes even in gibberish! At Speech Language Fun, it’s all about creating personalized therapy sessions that motivate clients to achieve their therapy goals- no matter how silly those sessions can sometimes turn out to be.

My SLP journey started back in 2000, when I obtained my BA in Communication Studies (with a specialization in TV production) from Concordia University and subsequently landed my first job working as a communications consultant in the health sector. After just a few years, I realized that what I really wanted to do was work directly with the people I had been striving to help. So, off I went to explore the therapy world as both a special needs educator and ABA therapist, before reaching the natural conclusion that becoming an SLP was the job for me!

In 2005, I obtained my Masters of Science (Applied) Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from McGill University, and have been a practicing member of both Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC-OAC) and the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologists du Québec (OOAQ) ever since.

In addition to being a Hanen-certified SLP for It Takes Two to Talk, More Than Words, and TalkAbility, I am also certified in Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy, the Lidcombe Program, and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) – Level 1.

But enough about me…if you or your child need help being the best communicator you can be – then let’s talk!

Speech Therapist Montreal
MSc(A), S-LP(C)
Speech-Language Pathologist

Hello! My name is Daniella Berkowicz and I’m a fully certified Speech-Language Pathologist working in the Montreal area.

Growing up, I was exposed to over 4 languages so I felt it was natural that I pursued a career in this field. I also happen to love working with children and helping them learn and grow.

Language is such a critical foundation for future success and I feel passionate about allowing children to experience what communication can offer them, no matter the modality.

I am certified in the Lively Letters reading program and student certified in Picture Exchange Communication System – Level 1.

Speech Therapist Montreal
MSc(A), S-LP(C)
Speech-Language Pathologist

Hello! My name is Kira Perlman and I am a certified Speech-Language Pathologist.  I am member of both the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologists du Québec (OOAQ) and Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC-OAC). I completed my Master’s degree at McGill and have had opportunities to work with children in many settings all over Montreal.

I have always had a passion working with children with various needs and I knew from a young age that this is what I wanted to do. I believe in working inter-professionally and giving children all the tools they need to succeed.

My specialties include reading and writing disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder and early language stimulation. I am a certified S-LP for Hanen’s Learning Language and Loving it, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and the Lidcombe Program for stuttering.

Speech Therapist Montreal
MSc(A), S-LP(C)
Speech-Language Pathologist

Hello! My name is Meagan Honigman and I am a  fully certified Speech-Language Pathologist with a  passion for working with children. I graduated from McGill University with a Master of Science (Applied) in Speech-Language Pathology, and am a member of both Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC-OAC) and the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologists du Québec (OOAQ). 

I believe in providing engaging and client-centered services, and working collaboratively to help every  child reach their full communicative potential. When not working as a Speech Pathologist, I also work as a princess animating birthday parties for children.

In addition to being a Hanen-certified SLP for It Takes Two to Talk, I am certified in the Lively Letters reading program and the Lidcombe Program.

Speech Therapist Montreal
Speech-Language Pathologist
Hello! My name is Marie-Hélène Tcheuffa Kamo and I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) member of the Ordre des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes du Québec (OOAQ). Having always been passionate about the human brain and its diverse functions, working as an SLP is a way for me to apply my knowledge while being in direct contact with children and their parents.  It’s a joy to help improve the language skills of my clients and to be able to collaborate with the family.
I first obtained my Bachelor of Science at McGill University. During my studies, I developed a special interest for child psychology, language acquisition and neurological disorders. Then, I flew to Belgium where I obtained my masters in Speech Language Pathology. During my free time, I enjoy participating in dance classes and reading detective novels.
I am a certified SLP for Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk and for the Lidcombe Program. I’ve also received trainings in the following fields: shared storybook reading, technological tools for written language disorders and motor speech disorders.
Speech Therapist Montreal
M.Sc.(A), S-LP
Speech-Language Pathologist

Hello! My name is Jessica Reider and I am a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. I graduated from McGill University’s Communication and Sciences Disorders program in July 2018. I am a licensed member of the Ordres des Orthophonistes et Audiologists du Quebec (OOAQ). I have worked in a variety of pediatric settings in Montreal where I have assessed and treated children with speech, language and social communication disorders.

My passion is working with children and providing them with the communication tools and skills necessary for their academic and personal lives. 

My primary interests include early language stimulation, speech sound disorders, childhood apraxia of speech and emergent literacy impairments in preschool and school-aged children.

I have received additional training in the Lively Letters reading program, the Lidcombe Program for children who stutter as well as applied behaviour analysis training (ABA) for children with autism spectrum disorder.



Speech Therapist Montreal
Yael Beth-Halachmi
Dance Movement Therapist

Hello, I’m Yael, a certified Dance Movement Therapist, M.A. specialized in Infant and Early Childhood development and in Parent-Infant/Child Psychotherapy. I have just graduated from the Infant-Parent Mental Health Certificate Program at UMass, Boston. I was certified as a Dance-Therapist both in France; INECAT, Paris and in Israel; Seminar- Hakibutzim. My M.A. in Dance and Choreography is from the Rubin Academy of Dance , Jerusalem, Israel. My research project on the ‘Choreography of Parent-Infant Relations’ was presented at the IARPP conference, at Rome, 2016. I’m also a mother of three boys..

I love to dance…on my own, with another or within a group. I love observing movement and dance in the theatre but also on the street, in the playground or in nature. Being in movement helps me feel regulated: balanced, focused and concentrated. Dancing is also a way of connecting to someone else, ‘being together’ in the same rhythms and space and communicating with and without words. Dance is a language we all speak…sharing it with others opens new ways of understanding one another and creating our own unique choreographies.

I invite you and your children to come dance with me.